Bangladesh is a country in South Asia, neighboring countries are India, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan. The colorful six seasons and festive lover peoples live this beautiful country. Tourism is yet not to develop. But recently Bangladesh government and Privet sector have taken initiative to focus this sector. People welcome foreigners everywhere and try to help them in any possible. Tourist site is not overcrowded here yet. You will found very few tourist here during your visit. That is why it is the best time to travel Bangladesh.Here you find a list of best place to visit Bangladesh which you should not miss.


Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh and also famous tourist spot of the country. There are many Historical significance of the place in and around this city. The important seeing places of Dhaka city are: the Mughal fort complex-”Lalbagh”, “Ashan Manzil”-nowab families resident, “Shahid Minar”-the monument remembering the brave warriors fighting and giving their lives for theBengali language, “Jatiya Sangshad”-the beautiful architectural national parliament of Bangladesh. And much more.

Dhaka city

Panam City:

Panam Nagar is a traditional ancient town located in Sonargaon of Narayanganj district. Panam was one of the most interesting places in the city, Khas Nagar, Panam Nagar – the old city of Sonargaon. There are several hundred old buildings that belong to the history of Bengal’s Barons. The city develops around 20 square kilometers of Sonargaon. Among the surviving homes of Panam, 52 houses are notable. In addition to the colonial architecture of the homes, Mughal, Greek and Gandhara architectures have a unique combination of the artistry of local artisans. Every home is full of innovative skills in terms of usability, craftsmanship, color use, and construction techniques.

Panam city

Cox’s Bazaar:

Cox’s Bazaar is the world longest unbroken sandy sea beach with world longest marine drive and line of the mountain. Thousands of tourists from many faraway countries rush into the world’s biggest beach beaches. It is not possible to make an appropriate analysis of the eyes. Cox’s Bazar is the tourist capital of Bangladesh. There are many other tourist spots in different parts of Cox’s Bazar district, not to mention them. Today we will highlight some of the popular places of Cox’s Bazaar.

Cox's bazaar sea beach

St. Martin Island:


The only coral island of Bangladesh is St. Martin’s. About 35 kilometers from Teknaf, this island is about 16 sq km in size. The main attraction of this island is the coral reefs across the beach, the row of coconut trees, the blue waters of the lost sea and the diverse life of the locals. About ten thousand people live in this island. Another name for this island is ‘Coconut Gingira’.

St. Martin Island

Chera Dwip:

Chera Dwip in the south of Bangladesh last point on the map. There is no land to the south of the country. Chera Dwip is located about eight kilometers south of the Union Coral Island St. Martin’s. This is not an isolated island south of the abundant natural stone. Almost half of the island during high tide drowned in the sea.

Chera Dwip

 Bishanakandi :

Bishanakandi, a village named on the Bangladesh-India border in Rustam Union of Goingghat Upazila of Sylhet. Khasia hills have been added from both sides of this beautiful Leela in the nature of the garden and mountain scenic beauty. Besides, along with the fountains, black clouds covered the mountains during the rainy season. Apart from this, a branch of the Pyren Rhine has moved towards Bholaganj.



The village is situated in Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet district. In front of the mountains of India’s Meghalaya, this village looks amazing. There is a lot of land in this village. Piyan river, which consists of canals coming from Meghalaya, has passed through this village. Many tourists gather here to enjoy its beautiful beauty.Pantumai

Tangua haor:

Tangua haor, a haor located in the Sunamganj district of greater Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is, the second largest sweet water wetland in Bangladesh covers an area of about 100 square kilometers. The haor is known to the locals as Noikuri Kandar Soikuri Bill. It is the second Ramsar place in Bangladesh, the first is Sundarban. Tanguar Haor is one of the most wetlands in the country which is widely appreciated internationally.

Tangua Haor

 Kantaji Temple:

The Kantaji temple, known as the Kantanagar Temple, is situated on Kaharul Uppazilla of Dinajpur district. The artwork of this temple will impress you. From 1704 to 175 BC, Ramnath, the popular Maharaja of Dinajpur, Pran Nath and his adopted son Ramnath built this temple.
The Kantajir temple is one of the greatest examples of brick and terracotta work in Bangladesh. Similar to the temples in the later half of the Mughal period, the most attractive aspect of this temple is the numerous terracotta pieces engraved in the works of the design.

Baliyati zamindar house:

About 35 miles northwest of capital Dhaka, and 5 miles east of Manikganj district headquarters, the famous Baliyati zamindar house is located in Saturia Upazila. This archaeological site in Baliyati village is about 200 years old. Gazikhali river flowed once in the north of this landlord house. There are about 200 rooms in this zamindar house, which is about 16,000 square meters in size. The high wall surrounding the zamindari house has three beautiful architectural gates.

Boga Lake:

The most beautiful natural lake of Bangladesh is called Boga Lake and it is called Bagakin Lake. This lake is 18 kilometers away from Ruma Sadar Upazila of Bandarban. There are many fictions behind the creation of this lake of blue water. Most of the tourists came to visit Baga Lake in winter. Indigenous Bam and Khumi communities can be found beside the lake. You will be surprised by the magnificent stones lying inside and outside the lagoon lake. Camp Fire near the lake will be able to gain an incredible and intriguing experience.

Big stone:

Large stone location in the Sangu river of Thandi Upazila of Thandu union. Sangu river will be seen in the middle of the large part of the large rock-marble area in the middle of the remakri union. It is necessary to carry a boat by the gap in the stone. It will take you hours to reach from Thanchi like hours. Bandarban, Thanchi Union, later in the third house, Remakri. These places are beside the rocky river. Here stone and stone beneath the Sangu river. Like the kingdom of stone. Shawler’s dominance over small and medium stone. The name of an area on the upstream of the river is three-dimensional. The abode of the three matriarchal Marma and Murongs. There are about 800 to 1,000 tribal people living here. The path of a big stone from hour to hour The people of this region worship these rocks because there are many people killed every year, due to the terrible storm surge and the big stone of the mysteries of creation.

Amyakhum Falls:

Amyakhum Falls is one of the finest waterfalls in Bangladesh and is a great place to visit. Everybody should at least have a tour to visit this fountain of Bandarban. Amekkhun is situated in Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban Hill District. It is near Bangladesh-Myanmar border.


Pundranagar, the ancient capital of the region, is situated in the vast ruins of Mahasthangarh. A silent witness to the glorious history of a lengthy two and a half thousand years. The ruins are located 13km north of Bogra district city on the west bank of the Kartoa River. Archaeological evidence suggests that for several centuries, this place was the capital of the mighty Mouya, Gupta, and Pala rulers, and later the Hindu parantars.
Out of the fort, north, west, south and southwest still many ancient directions of 7/8 kilometer, which bear witness to the sub-city. It is to be noted that the famous Chinese traveler, Hunan Song, visited Pundranagar (639-645) while traveling to India. The famous British archaeologist Sir Alexander Cunningham identified the ruins of Mahasthan average in 1879 AD as Pundu Nagar, described by Fuen Sang.

Nijhum Island:

The name of this island was named after Osmani, one of the brave settlers who settled in the Nijhum island for the first time with buffaloes and livestock. Later, the officials in the government’s high rank changed the name of the island. However, still known as Nijhum Island is known as Char Osman. This island is an ideal place for tourists (especially in winter).

Bandarban gold temple:

Buddha metal jadi, which is well known as the Bandarban gold temple, is located in the Balaghata area of Bandarban city of Bangladesh. The metal refers to the objects used by any holy person. This Buddhist temple has the second largest Buddha statue of Bangladesh and it is the largest monastic Buddhist temple in Bangladesh.
The Buddhist Temple is known as Keyang to locals. Buddha Jadi Pe Kyang is located in Bandarban district of Chittagong division. The highest mountain of Bangladesh in the Bandarban district is located in Tazindong and Keokrudong. The temple situated on the top of the hill is 4 km from Balaghat and 10 km from Bandarban Zero Point. There is a lake on this hill. The name of the lake is the goddess Pukur pond, which is 3-3 feet high and there is water in all seasons. According to Buddhist Vaani, it is the pond of God, so there is always water. Natural beauty Lilabhumi One of the tourist centers of Bandarban is Buddha metal Jadi Kang. This Jadi is not only the pilgrimage center of the Buddhist community but also has become one of the most attractive spots for foreign tourists. It is known as the Golden Temple but it is not gold made. It has been named as Golden Temple for its golden color.

The ancient establishment is rich in Sonargaon:

Sonargaon originated from ancient Subarnanagar Until the establishment of Muslim authority in the region of Bengal, till the advent of Dhaka City in 1610, Sonargaon was the administrative center of South-East Bengal. Among the ancient architectural features of Sonargaon area, Khasnagar Dighi, Nilkuthi of Dulalpur, Goaldi Shahi Mosque, Aminpur Math, Damodardi Math, Residential Buildings of Panam Nagar, Big Sardar House etc.

Nilgiri hill peak:

This tourist center, located about 2200 feet above sea level, is about 50 kilometers away from Bandarban Zilasadar. From here the clouds can touch the visitors. The tourism center run by the Bangladesh Army also has a number of resorts.


Nearly six kilometers away from the city of Bandarban, the popular tourist center of Tiger Pahar, Nilalchal. Cloud cover is visible at around 1600 ft above sea level. Bandarban city can be seen in the eyes of the bird.

Kaptai lake on the left side of the hill:

Kaptai, about 1760 square kilometers in the left bank of the hill, is one of the main destinations of Rangamati. Hanging bridge of Kaptai Lake is more popular with tourists. Besides, one of the attractions of Kaptai Lake attracts boat.


Very popular tourist spot Bichhankandi situated on the border of Rustampur union of Goingghat Upazila of Sylhet District. The main attraction of Bichhankandi in the hills of Meghalaya is the main attraction of the stretch of stones spread over the vast desert.

World Heritage Site sixty Domes Mosque:

The sixty-domed mosque located in the southern district of Bagerhat. In 1983 it was recognized as one of the three world heritage sites of Bangladesh. Although the name is sixty dome, the mosque has mainly one dome. Khan Jahan is one of the most remarkable architectural works. It is assumed that he built the sixty-domed mosque before the beginning of 1459 AD.

The largest respiratory forest in the world:

Sundarbans is the largest saltwater forest in the world of about ten thousand square kilometers of Bangladesh and India. Its area of Bangladesh is about six thousand square kilometers. In 1997, the Sundarban was recognized as the 798th World Heritage Site in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is a safe habitat for the endangered Bengal Tiger. Places like local favorites to local and foreign tourists.

Rangamati Roof Sagek Valley:

Sajak Valley is called ‘Rangamati Roof’ at about 1800 feet above sea level. Although the geographical location is in Rangamati, the easy way to travel is Khagrachari. Residents of Lusai, Pankhwa and Tripura indigenous people live in villages around Sajak. Famous cauliflower coffees are cultivated for orange cultivation.

The float market in the south:

The old traditional float market of the Kirtipasha canal of village Vimruli, about 15 kilometers from the southern district town of Jhalakathi. Although there is a hut around the whole year, there is a buzz around this place for the last 3 months in Guava and Amara season. The floating boat is sitting on a daily basis every week. In Jhalakathi, small canals can also be seen in different areas of the people.

Sagarakanya Kuakata:

Sagarkanna kuakata is located on the verge of Patuakhali, south of the country. It is the only beach in Bangladesh where standing views of sunrise and sunset are visible. Apart from Kuakata, there is a forest of Fatura, which is a part of Sundarbans.

Dhakeswari temple:

Among the ancient structures of Old Dhaka, the notable Dhakeswari Mandir Legend has it that King Ballal Sen built a temple with a statue of goddess Durga in the jungle of Buriganga river and set it there, And named it Dhakeswari Mandir. According to many historians, the origin of the name ‘Dhaka’ from this name is Dhakeswari.

Lalbagh castle:

The fort located in Lalbagh, old Dhaka, started the construction in 1678 by Shahjada Azad, the son of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Shaista Khan later completed the construction in 1684. There are three important structures in the fort, including Paribibi Tomb, Durbar Hall, and three domes.


The most beautiful village in Bangladesh is “Panatumai”. Though all these words are beautiful, beautiful, elegant and beautiful, the beauty of this name will not be finished. Many of the great villages in Bangladesh are unknown to many. There are many city titles in the city of Rupo, the city of Rupo. But there is no titles in a small, unspoiled, beautiful village of a small country like Bangladesh.

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